I came to Hawaii on vacation, knowing that I needed to find someone to help me get to the bottom of my health issues. I found Dr. Nguyen from a Google search and after reading all the positive comments I just had to go. I tell you, everything that each person before me mentioned in regards to her being patient, intelligent, empathetic, etc. is completely true, so I encourage you to read those comments. If you’re looking for someone who will “really” listen and who “truly” wants to help, then you’ve found the right person.

I learned that I had adrenal fatigue and a hypothyroid condition that left me with absolutely no energy… and a feeling of complete exhaustion. On top of that, she suspected I might be suffering from an elevated level of heavy metals in my system, so after testing, her suspicions were proven correct. Dr. Nguyen suggested a plan that involved specific supplements, nutrition, a change in lifestyle (if possible), massage and acupuncture. I’m back home now and starting to feel better. I know it takes time for the body to heal itself, but to me there is no other way I would rather do it. Thanks doc, you really helped me out!

Rich M.

Dr. Alysa Nguyen is so awesome! She really took the time to understand my problem thoroughly and came up with a solution that worked. I had been suffering from a chronic condition for years and several other doctors were unable to help. I am so thankful for Dr. Nguyen and her medical expertise. She is a great listener and really cares about her patients. I would recommend her to anyone. 🙂

Cristan M.

I started working with Dr. Alysa about 3 years ago and have nothing but good things to say; so much so that I am even continuing my treatment with her remotely even after I have moved. Not only is she truly gifted in understanding her patients from a naturopathic standpoint, but her knowledge of Chinese Medicine, including herbs, and other plant-based formulas is truly outstanding.

Going the naturopathic route in health care requires a certain level of autonomy and understanding by the patient. Dr. Alysa encourages you to take your health into your own hands, to listen to your body’s signals and responses, and to seek balance in yourself. Using multiple modalities to help her patients on their individual journeys, whether for pain management, hormonal issues, or countless other maladies, Dr. Alysa spends a large part of her consultation listening, something truly lacking in most health care environments.

From day one I felt heard, understood and cared for. She is a healer for all the meaning the word can hold. She has always encouraged me to only take supplements when necessary, do tests when necessary, and let my body be the true barometer for my health. Many naturopathic doctors encourage the use of bio identical hormones, but in keeping with her commitment to helping the body heal, and balance itself, she never encouraged me to take these treatments, and instead helped me learn to support my body and it’s hormones, in a way that would create lasting balance.

I have learned so much from her that it has inspired me on my own journey to get my degree in Naturopathic Medicine, so that I can affect people’s lives in the positive way that she has affected mine.

If you are looking for a partner in achieving optimum health and wellness for your body, she is truly the best out there. She is not only my go to person for any and all counseling when it comes to my body, but she is also my mentor for the kind of practitioner I hope to be some day. Consider yourself lucky you have found her!

Tiffany Z.

I started seeing Dr Alysa Nguyen over a year ago for problems ranging from anxiety and asthma to amenorrhea and insomnia. Western medicine was not quite working for me, many of the medications I took either had horrible side effects or made me feel worse. I knew that I had to go a more holistic approach. I was pleasantly surprised to find that Dr. Nguyen not only took the time to listen to all of my problems and concerns she also took a great deal of time to explain all my treatment options- how they work, and the pathophysiology of my ailments. She is not only one of the smartest and most skilled doctors I have ever met but also one of the kindest and empathetic. I am happy to say that with a combination of acupuncture and a few naturopathic/homeopathic remedies I am feeling SO much better! I have decreased anxiety, my asthma is better, and my menstrual cycle has regulated. It’s a blessing to find a doctor that really cares and I will forever be grateful that I met Dr Nguyen and will continue to see her for all my ailments.

Sara B.

I went to see Dr. Alysa Nguyen because I was suffering from extreme fatigue and stress. I felt like I barely had enough energy to get through the day. I had to take a nap as soon as I got home from work just to have enough energy to cook dinner and wash the dishes. I was also extremely edgy and irritable. She spent a lot of time talking with me and finding out what was going on in my life, as well as examining me. She suggested that I try eliminating wheat, sugar, and dairy from my diet for 3 weeks, to see if this had an effect. She also prescribed supplements to help with adrenal fatigue, and suggested acupuncture as another way to treat stress. After the first month of treatment, I felt like a different person. I had so much more energy, and my daily routine felt manageable, instead of overwhelming! By following the elimination diet, I was able to identify the problem that wheat and sugar were causing me in my day to day functioning. During my treatment, Dr. Alysa also helped me decrease and then stop taking an antidepressant. Since seeing her, I have learned so much more about my own body and health. I am looking forward to continuing on the path of healthy eating and listening to what my body is telling me, instead of trying to cover up problems with prescription medications. Thank you!

Robin G.

When I went to my doctor, I was told that I would have to be on medicine for the rest of my life. I decided that before I accepted that for myself, I would like to search out other options. I did a Google search and found Dr. Alysa Nguyen. I called for an appointment and what a wonderful find!! Dr. Nguyen spent so much time going over my health history and current concerns with me. She suggested some dietary changes and some supplements for me. And she explained to me what the benefits of these changes and supplements would be.

Dr. Nguyen has always chosen a path for me that has helped me. When I started taking the supplements she suggested, I felt so much better. She also suggested lab tests to find out exactly what was going on with me chemically and then suggested either a change in my supplements or a continuance of the ones I was taking.

My biggest problem has been managing the stress of my life. With Dr. Nguyen’s help, I feel like I can make the best decisions for myself. If that does involve pharmaceuticals, I know that Dr. Nguyen will continue to offer the best support to me so that I can maintain the good health I desire.

There are so many good things I could say about Dr. Nguyen. Mostly, I just feel extremely lucky to have found her!!

Stacey T.

Dr. Alysa Nguyen has helped my PMS in ways that no other physician has been able to help. I have suffered with severe PMS for many years since the birth of my second child. While seeking the help of my family physician and OB/GYN, I tried several different traditional medications which did not help my symptoms at all. In fact, my PMS became worse until I stopped taking these medications and started seeing Dr. Nguyen for a holistic approach to my PMS. She was able to provide a combination of acupuncture, Chinese herbs, nutritional counseling, dietary supplements and homeopathic medication that drastically improved my condition. Another added bonus to her knowledge and expertise is that she is a wonderful listener. She always addresses my questions and concerns with patience, never making me feel like she is in a rush to get to her next patient. I am so thankful to have found Dr. Nguyen.


She listens very well and explores all possible diagnostic techniques. She follows up and provides a detailed treatment plan for her patients.

Angie’s List Member

in Honolulu